Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Growth update

Our agency got an update on Jordan today.  We asked them the following questions and got these answers:
  1. What is he currently eating?  Is he still taking a bottle? He has milk, rice, biscuits and fruits etc.  He is still taking a bottle
  2. Is he walking independently?  No, he can't walk on his own yet.
  3. Is he using his right arm/hand?  Yes
  4. Is he talking?  He can say "a yi" (auntie) and understand some simple words.
  5. What is his personality like?  no answer on this question
  6. Did he get the toys we sent him?  Did he have a birthday party?  Yes
  7. What are his current measurements?  height: 30.3 in  weight:  22lbs   head size: 18.1in   chest size:  18.5in   teeth: 18
  8. updated photos?  they were not able to provide updated photos :(

I am also still waiting to see if the service we used to send Jordan a birthday care package can get us some pictures!  I haven't had an updated photo since early November!  We are hoping to get our travel approval next week PLEASE!!!  I want to love on Jordan, feed him, dress him, watch him sleep, watch him play with Josiah.  Come on, I want to go to China!


  1. But he's standing in one of the pictures. I'll bet he'll be walking soon if he had some encouragement! Come on TA!


  2. No, we are not taking Meighan with us :-(

    I can't wait to get home! (and I haven't even left yet!