Friday, January 13, 2012

new pics

Got some new pictures and a video of our precious Jordan!  He had just fallen down so he has a boo boo near his right eye.  He probably isn't catching himself too well on that side and it looks like his shoes are huge, so that doesn't help.  I cried most of the morning after watching the video for the first time.  I want him home so bad!!!  This adoption roller coaster of hurry up and wait gets old.  This wait for travel approval seems like the worst of all.  He's my child, let me come get him already!!!  I haven't been able to sleep well all week thinking about Jordan and anxious about getting him home.  How long is this travel approval going to take?!  I know we are close but it still seems so far away.


  1. That's quite the shiner! Very cute little boy, though! And they're letting his hair grow! Meighan still didn't have much hair when we got her. I think they shaved it regularly to make it easier to take care of.

    I think your TA is just a few days away!


  2. Awww.... I am with you there! The closer it gets the harder the wait is. I hope they let Jemma's hair grow out like his! Hang in there, it will come. I hope our TA's come before CYN! The unknown is killing me. Maybe we will get to meet over there!! :) That would be awesome!